About SubBlankin

Hello, my name is Johny but a lot of you all know me as "CameraMAN"

I have been in the sublimation business close to 9years. I started out as a "CameraMAN" almost 10 years ago at events where I would take pictures and print the onsite. I wanted todo more than just print pictures so like most everybody else I started with a "converted" Epson, then graduated to a Sawgrass and now a large format Epson printer.

Along the way I have learned a lot about sublimation and recently started offering high-quality sublimation blanks. A lot of y'all know me as Mr. "Pet Sublimation" and my templates for PET ID's that look like licenses. Please head on over to that site if you want to order custom blanks for those templates, direct link:
Pet Sublimation Website

And if you haven't already please join my Facebook group:
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Thank you so much for your continual support. If you have any questions please text or call me toll free at 1(844) 4-Kids-ID